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A book is a journey with what you are!

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Book series - For a new world - Älvaliv

Book series in eleven parts - Eleven women meet by chance?

Welcome to Älvaliv by the sea on the beautiful island near the mainland on the
Swedish coastline.

During the new moon and full moon, the lives of eleven women intertwine in a soulful circle of Sisters. The circle becomes a permanent feature in the lives of all of them, an anchor, a security, but also a source of inspiration and a place from which to draw strength from. To help each other, to meet from the heart, to be vulnerable and themselves in a simple and beautiful nudity, they all have a need, sometimes more and sometimes less. Each of these eleven women gets her own book, and nothing is too difficult to address in this safe and warm context, where experienced pain turns into wisdom.
What has life given us as a task when we are here, for a while on earth, alone but also deeply united?
Is it a coincidence that these eleven women are brought together on wonderful
Älvalife, in an beautiful heart-opening environment placed in the middle of a piece of perfect nature?


Author portrait

Elisabeth was born in India and was exported to Sweden in the 70s. It was a
challenge to be dark-skinned in Sweden at that time. Elisabeth found writing as the gateway to freedom combined with imagination as early as five years old, and even then only wanted one thing... to become a writer, to create worlds, possibilities and solutions.

Create a new world!
In the 2000s, her autobiography was almost published by a major publisher but she was asked to rewrite it into fiction. Now the time has come for that.

As an adoptee, Elisabeth has felt rootless and unstable in her life. Various aspects of rootlessness and separation anxiety creep into her writing.
She is also not afraid to write about abuse of various kinds; food, drugs, and about bipolarity, jealousy, abuse, etc. It may seem heavy, but when everything is
held together by a framework that is safe and warm, the overall feeling of the books is nonetheless hopeful. These different challenges of life are distributed in a series of upcoming books that we can look forward to with excitement.

Elisabeth is self-employed and a born entrepreneur, without having grown up in that spirit. Before that she worked as a social worker, mostly preventively. She lives beautifully in SkÄne, Sweden.

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